Fjord Line launches new ships

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Fjord Line

Building or buying new tonnage is the ultimate way for shipping companies to prominently present the company and new products.


The Norwegian ferry operator Fjord Line ordered new tonnage for its scheduled services between Denmark/Sweden and Norway, amongst others the world’s first ferries to run on liquefied natural gas (LNG). We were tasked with developing a media campaign to accompany the building process, the launch and the services on the respective ferry lines.


Continuous reporting on building progress, invitation to/organisation of individual press trips, arrangement and conducting of Group press trips on topics in relevant regions of Norway, such as Fjord Norway, Telemark and Southern Norway, as well as on travel products offered by the shipping company (mini cruise).

  • Event PR
  • Image PR
  • Global Communications / Translation
  • Crisis PR
  • Press Trip
  • Social Media
  • Technical Visits


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